He*#, Yes!

Over the years, I have learned a few tricks so that I do not overcommit myself. My favorite way to determine whether I should do something is if I respond to the request with a, “He*#, Yes!” If it is anything less than that—like, “Well, I guess I could,” or, “Maybe I should,” I try to avoid the commitment.

By only saying “yes” to things that truly align with my goals and values, I avoid overcommitting myself and ensure that I am putting my energy and limited time towards things that truly matter to me.

Also, by only committing to things that I am truly passionate about, I am more likely to be successful and satisfied with the outcome.

Listen, I once said, “No” to a priest who was asking me to volunteer to chair a committee, and I was not struck down by lightning. It is OK to say “no!”

Unless, of course, it is a, “He*#, Yes!”

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