Are You Planted or Buried?

When my friend Barbara moved to Texas, she asked me to watch over some of her plants while her family was making the transition. I was happy to oblige, and during the time I was plant-sitting, I cut off some of an ivy plant (with her permission!) and re-potted it to start my own plant.

Since that first clipping, I have made another one, so now I have two plants. When I was re-planting the second clipping, I got to thinking about the terms planted and buried.

The end result for these plants is the same—their roots are in soil. You could say they are buried, but we say they are planted.

It is the same for people. No matter where we are, you can see yourself as either being planted or buried. Sometimes it may seem like you are buried underneath something and unable to dig your way out.

But what if it turns out instead that you are planted there to bloom later?

We get to choose the way we think about where we are right now—have we been planted to thrive or buried to die?

Our mindset on where we are and how we choose to view our situation makes a difference.

Are you planted or buried?

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