Looking Forward

One of the best things about getting up every morning is that I get to decide what the day is going to be like. Just like packing for a trip, where I decide what to bring and what to leave behind, I get to decide what I am going to bring into the day.

Am I going to bring joy?

Am I going to bring an open mind?

Am I going to bring success?

I get to decide. And so do you.

For as long as I can remember, as soon as I wake up, I offer up my day. When I was young, my Grandma Rosie taught me a simple prayer: “May all we do be for the honor and glory of God.” Through the years, this prayer has expanded to include special intentions for my husband, our marriage, and our children, but it still makes me mindful of the day ahead and the choice I have, even before I get out of bed, if it is going to be a good or a bad day.

When I rise, I try to do so with a big smile and a positive attitude. This sets my tone and vibe for rest of the day and helps me strive for positive interactions with everyone I encounter throughout the day.

This same positive intentionality is needed in all of our communications—whether we are sending an email, calling a client, or talking with a colleague. We get to decide what kind of tone we are going to set in all of these interactions. We get to decide our attitude.

Even if we did not get the start we wanted, we can earn the finish we deserve.

I am looking forward to a bright future. Are you?

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