Are We In This Together?

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and lockdown started, we heard a lot about togetherness. “We are in this together” was the common refrain of everyone from TV pundits to grocery store clerks, from neighbors to coworkers.

I loved all this talk of togetherness because I actually believe in it. We truly are better as a nation, as a community, as a family, and as ourselves when we work together for a common good.

This is a theme I try to weave into all the fitness classes I teach. Especially in my spin classes, when the going can get a little tough, I like to say—

  • We are on this ride together.
  • We stay together.
  • We rise together.
  • We shine together.

We do not have to be working at the same pace to be together—I can be up out of the saddle, and my students can be seated, but we are working out together. We can be working at different levels and still have the same fun and inspiring workout.

I try to take this attitude wherever I go: to work, to school (when I am teaching public speaking at Georgia Southern University), and even to the dinner table.

It is so important to let those around you know that you do not have to be on the exact same path, going the same speed, to be together. This is especially true for women with children. Whether we choose to stay at home with our children, or be employed in the traditional workforce, we are all in this child raising business together, and we should work to support each other, not divide us.

I know it is sometimes a challenge to take the high road and preach togetherness instead of division.

I know it is tough, but so are we.

Let’s let togetherness shape our day, our week, our month, our year, and our entire lives.

At some point in every endeavor, we see the finish line.

Do you want to cross it together? I do. Will you join me?

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