What Stories Are You Telling?

Every good story has a victim, a villain, and a guide. The victim of the story sets out on a journey and loses a few battles with the villain. Then the victim meets the guide, who shows him how to become a victor, and the victim eventually emerges as the hero.

Think of the original Star Wars movie. Luke Skywalker was living as a victim—he felt trapped and inadequate at the beginning of the movie. He set out on a journey and met Obi-Wan, who showed him, through a series of lessons, how to become a victor.

This the classic hero’s journey, and our lives follow this pattern again and again. We set out on a journey with great intentions, but many times, we pick the wrong guide and do not emerge victorious.

It is so important to pick the right guide.

Who is your guide?

  • Hollywood?
  • Friends?
  • Family?
  • Nameless strangers on social media?
  • God?

Seek out the right guides. Meet with people in your career field who are successful. Read books, watch videos, and listen to podcasts of people who are making a difference.

In addition to choosing the right guides to follow, you also have to tell yourself positive stories.

What stories are you telling yourself?

  • Are you always a victim?
  • Do you ignore the good advice of guides along the way?

We are what we consume, so consume positive stories, and tell yourself positive stories! Make the effort to grow and learn and become a hero in your own life. Write the story you want to read with your life and your work.

Are you writing a story that matters?

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