What Are You Capable Of?

Ed and I recently returned from visiting our daughter, Jacqueline, in England, where she is studying for a semester at Oxford University. I am so happy that she has this opportunity to learn, grow, and travel, but most of all, I am happy she has the opportunity to see what she is capable of on her own.

The program at Oxford is through UGA, so some of the places she has visited have been arranged through them, but she has also made some trips on her own—to London, which involved making train and hostel reservations, and to Scotland, which involved making flight and hostel reservations.

This was the first time she had to make travel arrangements on her own and guess what? She was totally capable of doing it.

Most people have no idea what they are capable of, and they never even give themselves a chance to find out. I am so happy that Jacqueline—and her sister and brother—are discovering what they can do. They are taking chances, trying new things, and finding their wings.

Every step on their journey seems to be a step further from us, and sometimes that makes me sad. But mostly it makes me proud that they are using the gifts that God gave them and figuring out where they fit in this world.

They are finding out how to use those gifts to serve others.

Every time they try something new, they don’t really know if they are capable of doing it, but I hope and pray that they continue to try anyway.

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