I’m Just Looking for Some…

You know the song, “Tush” by ZZ Top? I always thought they were looking for some “touch.”

I have been happily singing along to this song for decades, thinking, “What a wonderful sentiment—we are all just looking for some touch to feel connected and close to one another.”

The other day I was taking a class on my Peloton bike and used Shazam to see the lyrics. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the word is actually, “tush!” In fact, “Tush” is the title of the song. I had no idea.

This put the song in a whole new light. What I thought was a song about love and connection is really about someone trying to get lucky.

What a surprise and disappointment. I cannot quite decide what to learn from this—

  • Words matter.
  • Shazam is awesome.
  • Don’t trust men in beards.

The list is endless.

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