What causes one person to push through adversity while another one gives up?

Why does one person give up on something new after the first try, while someone else keeps trying, over and over again to figure it out?

Why are some people like Weebles—they wobble but they don’t fall down—while others not only fall down, but they never get back up?

It seems to me that some people have more inherent toughness than others.

Some people are able to undergo a tough experience and come out stronger, while others end up worse off than when they first started.

When you face a new challenge, is it scary or is it satisfying?

Either way, you have to face the challenge, so why not fact it head-on and say, “Bring it!” Take ownership of the situation and your attitude and decide to be tough.

Decide to face the challenge head-on, even though you know it is going to be tough.

It does not really matter why some people push through adversity, refuse to give up, and get back up after wobbling along the way.

What matters is that they do—they push, they persist, and they continue to come back at it, even though they know it is going to be tough.

They just decide and then do it.

The more we exercise that toughness, the stronger we get.

The next time you face a challenge—at work, in sports, or in a relationship—forget about scary. Make the challenge satisfying—take ownership and be tough.

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