I relied on Shannon as a valuable member of my staff. She demonstrated great initiative and dependability, as well as an ability to effectively manage many tasks at once. Shannon’s ability to pay attention to details and to organize her priorities were essential to the operation of my Congressional office. Shannon also has the talent for communicating ideas and issues in a clear, concise manner. In fact, her written communications skills are among the best I have seen.

—Charles J. Luken
Former Member of Congress


Shannon was an extremely important representative of our firm with our clients, team members and the community. And while her duties included the traditional PR activities of written communications and media relations, project management, marketing coordination and client service, I suggest that she could successfully manage just about any opportunity that involved the use of her mind, her pen and her people skills.65

—Larry J. Fairman
Chief Executive Officer
IntraVue Marketing Communications


Shannon GaNun was Automation, Inc.’s first public relations representative. She was instrumental in getting us started and in securing my first television appearances. We really appreciate her help in laying the foundations of what has become a very successful company. Incredible as it seems, Clean Shower is now the #1 selling brand of shower cleaner in the United States! I would highly recommend Mrs. GaNun.

—Robert H. Black
Chairman of the Board
Automation, Inc.


I especially like how I can give Shannon a project, with general parameters, and she takes the ball and goes! I get a simple plan and regular feedback so that I feel “in control.”

—Stephen Geoffray
Insurance Executive