Living Inside Out

As a mom of three children, I have done my  fair share of laundry. The rule in our house was that however our children put their laundry in the basket was how they got it back (except it was clean). So, if they put a shirt in the basket inside out, they got the shirt back inside out.

It did not matter to me if our children wore their clothes inside out—but they never did. Why? “It just doesn’t feel right,” they said. They took the time to turn the shirt right side out before they put it on.

I thought of this again recently when I finished up a run, and it was all I could do to get my soaking wet shirt off over my head—but I took the time to turn it right side out before I put it in the washing machine. Why? Because it just does not feel right to wear it inside out.

Then I realized that it is the same with life. If we live our lives inside out—letting outside influences guide us—it just does not feel right.

Instead, we should live our lives from the inside out—by having a core set of values that we follow—so that our lives just feel right.

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