Turn Your Mess Into a Message

“Turn your mess into a message.”

I have heard this phrase before, but for some reason, when I heard it on a podcast recently, it really resonated with me.

The people with the strongest and most inspiring messages are usually the ones who had to go through some sort of mess, problem, or dysfunction to get to the point where they could provide inspiration.

We all have some sort of messiness in our history that could be used to inspire others. I teach fitness classes and live a generally healthy lifestyle because I was chubby as a kid and had to go through years of trial and error to figure out that exercise is part of what keeps my weight down. I now use my mess to help others be fit and healthy. This is my message.

Our history does not have to be our destiny. Our actions now can undo our actions of the past, and they can even undo the actions of our ancestors.

Turn your mess into a message. I like the sound of that.

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