Where Does Confidence Come From?

It never ceases to amaze me how differently everyone’s minds work. What might have one person ruminating for days might simply be shrugged off by another.

The ability to choose what to think about and focus on is such a cool gift for humans.

How do you think about the experiences in your life? What do you tell yourself about those experiences? That is what is going to define you.

If you had an alcoholic parent, you can tell yourself you had a terrible childhood because you never knew which parent would show up that day—the nice one who did not drink or the mean one who did.

Or you can tell yourself you had a great childhood because this inconsistency made you aware of other people’s moods and feelings, so now you are a terrific salesperson because you can read a room when you enter it.

Confidence comes from what you think about what happened to you, not necessarily what did happen to you.

I love being able to make that choice.

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