Words have always intrigued me. I love to read and write, and whenever I am writing, I try to choose the exact right word for the circumstance.

Take the word extraordinary, for example. I cannot remember exactly when I discovered this, but extraordinary is actually two words—extra and ordinary. What a revelation it was when I realized that the ordinary could be elevated to the extraordinary, and all it took was a little extra!

Ever since that discovery, I have made it a practice to see if the ordinary could be made extraordinary by giving a little extra.

  • Could I have an extraordinary marriage by giving a little bit more effort to it every day? Yes!
  • Could my workout be more than just a slog if I gave just a little more effort? Yes!
  • Would I be a better parent if I gave a little extra time and attention to my children every time they asked for it, and even when they didn’t? Yes!

What a gift it was to understand that everything we consider ordinary can be elevated to extraordinary with just a little extra.

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