The Two Keys to Transformation

I am always amazed to see someone who has undergone a big transformation when I have not seen them for a while. As a fitness instructor, I will go months without seeing a particular student, only to have them show up 50 pounds lighter.

The transformation seems instantaneous—one day they were heavy, and now they are not. Of course, they did not change overnight.

Transformation is not instantaneous. Progress happens incrementally, inch by inch, step-by-step, pound by pound. The key, I think, to any transformation is to try to be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.

If you were feeling yesterday lazy and took fewer steps than normal, just try to take a few more steps today. Do not try to run a marathon. Just do a little better today than you did yesterday.

Another key to transformation is remembering that it happens and fits and starts.

Like a boxer, you can lose around but still win the fight. In a track race, you can be behind one lap, catch up on the next, and then pass on the next.

Progress every day and patience with the process are the two keys to transformation.

When I remember these two keys, I give myself the grace and understanding needed to make a transformation. You can too.

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