Time Is Not a Renewable Resource

Time has a funny way of distorting itself—sometimes she is quick as lightning, and sometimes she is slower than a snail.

When I am enjoying myself—at a party, reading a good book, or just having dinner with my family—time flies by. When I am doing unpleasant tasks, or just plain bored, time seems to slow down.

Yet no matter how I feel about what I am doing, time does not care—she just keeps marching on.

The older I get the more I wonder: What am I doing with this precious resource that is my life? Am I just passing time, or am I spending it wisely?

Either way, time is going to go by—and I will not get it back.

It makes me realize that I have to battle for my best today…and tomorrow…and all the tomorrows left to me.

After all, time is not a renewable resource.

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