Loving the Process

We are in back-to-school season in our household. Natalie is heading to GA Tech for her fifth and final year of college, Jacqueline is heading to UGA for her third year, James is heading to Harvard for his first year, and I have started teaching public speaking again at Georgia Southern.

It is all quite a process.

Natalie, Jacqueline, and James have to decide what to take and what to leave home, what courses they should take, and what books and supplies they should buy. I have been deciding what to include on my syllabus and course schedule.

As we go through this process yet another year, I realized that life is really just a series of processes.

Every time I get ready for work or school, it is a process.

Every time I cook a meal, it is a process.

Every time I clean our house or do a load of laundry, it is a process.

I can choose to enjoy the process, or I can resent it. If I don’t focus on what I am doing, I will miss out on whole lot of life.

I have thought this week about all the processes I run to make sure they are the process I want in my life. I am also trying to reframe the processes I view as a necessary evil so that I can enjoy them more. I want to love my life, not just endure it.

After all, life is in the process, and there is beauty in the process.

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