Believe You Can Be a Horse. Or a Shark.

When our son James was two or three years old, my husband asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Without hesitation, James said, “A horse. Or a shark.” He said it with absolute conviction and without any hesitation.

At that age, he absolutely believed he could grow up to be a horse or a shark.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all carried that kind of belief within us?

When you believe in yourself, life looks different and feels different. It is richer and brighter and more fulfilling.

We must all learn to believe in ourselves like we did before we outgrew that inherent conviction. We must learn to push for what we believe in, because if we cannot believe in ourselves, how will we ever be able to push for someone else?

If you doubt yourself, how are you supposed to win in life?

Today when you find yourself faced with doubts and challenges, make the choice to think about the strength within and believe in yourself.

James eventually learned that he could not grow up to be a horse. Or a shark. But as he gets ready to leave for college in a few weeks, I hope and pray he continues to believe in himself.

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