Energy for Living

I do not need a  lot of sleep—give me 5–6 hours a night, and I am ready to go in the morning.

I just generally have  a lot of energy. I have often wondered why this is so, especially since some family members require much more sleep.

Why was I made so that I do not require much sleep and have an abundance of energy to get through my days? I guess I will never know the answer to that question.

Perhaps that is not the right question to ask. Maybe I should be asking what I do with my energy.

  • Am I holding tight to my energy, or do I share it?
  • Do I create tension in my life and choke my energy, or do I relax and let my energy flow?
  • Do I have rituals to stoke my energy, or do I never relax?

I try to live an abundant life so that my energy can flow and propel me forward every day.

It is my responsibility to get my energy lined up and flowing smoothly.

I have discovered that when I relax my grip on life and release unnecessary tension that I feel the energy coursing through me. This is when I am able to go out and serve my purpose—energetically.



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