Every Moment Matters

When I was younger, it seemed like the hours in the days, the days in the weeks, the weeks in the years, and the years in my life were infinite. I had so much time to be bored, and so much time to waste.

As I entered my 20s and started working full-time after college, time sped up a little, but I still had plenty of it left to spend with my friends and family.

As I got married and we started having children in our 30s, time sped up again. With three children born in four years, I did not have a lot of extra time.

That held true in our 40s as our children were growing up, going to school, and participating in sports and activities and as I stayed busy working, teaching fitness classes, running to maintain my sanity, and trying to keep a clean house.

Now in our 50s, with the two oldest away at college and the youngest ready to launch in just five short months, I find myself with more time to be aware of just how much time has passed.

I also find myself wondering how much time I have left to make a difference in this world.

All of us reflection has made me realize that every moment matters.

Every single thing we do is a milestone. Every single thing we do matters.

Everything about us should be showing up for this moment, whatever it is we are doing—reading a blog post, taking a spin class, having coffee with a friend, or just sitting down for a family dinner.

These moments matter. How we show up for these moments matter.

We only have so many moments in this life, so commit to each and every one of them.

Live every moment like it matters.

Because it does.

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