It’s Story Time

I have written before on this blog about stories, but it is a theme I keep coming back to because stories are so important in our lives.

We tell ourselves stories every day. Are they empowering or limiting?

Those are really the only two kinds of stories we can tell—empowering or limiting.

I, for one, want to tell myself empowering stories. I want to tell myself that I am strong, that I am smart, that I can do what I set my mind to.

And I want to use these empowering stories professionally, too. When I am teaching my Public Speaking class at Georgia Southern University, I tell my students about grit and a positive mindset. When I am teaching a spin class, I encourage my students to tell themselves empowering stories and ride strong.

Empowering stories give us hope, and hope in the future is power in the present.

We all have the power to control the stories we tell ourselves.

We also have the power to control what we consume—both by our bodies and our minds.

What media are you consuming? Are you empowering yourself by the videos you watch, the social media channels you visit, and the music you listen to? Or are you limiting yourself by your choices?

We only get one go-around in this world, and time marches by quickly.

Make the choice to empower yourself through the media you consume and the stories you tell yourself.

Every. Single. Day.

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