Be Great in This Moment

I have been reading the book, “Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything” by BJ Fogg, and he invites everyone to start practicing a new habit first thing every morning. He calls this the “Maui Habit,” and it is really quite simple.

After you wake up and put your feet on the ground, you say, “It’s going to be a great day.” To wire the habit into your brain, you then immediately smile.

This is a simple way to start each day in the best way using the Tiny Habit method, and you know what?

It works.

I have been practicing this deceptively simple habit every morning, and I feel like it has made a difference.

It got me thinking about greatness, and how easy it can be to set intentions. The trick, of course, is to follow-up on those intentions, but the first step is really quite simple.

Set an intention for greatness.

And then practice that intention.

Be great in this moment.

Whatever you are doing—playing with your kids, reading your email, cooking dinner, writing a letter, leading a team—do it with the intention of greatness.

Know that you will get better in the future, but know that you are great in this moment.

That’s all we really have in this life, right? A series of moments.

Let’s make our moments great.

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