How to Write Like a Boss

Well-written materials are a must in the business world. Here are some simple tips for writing that gets results.

Paragraph Length
Keep your paragraphs short. The average paragraph is 42 words, but 30–word and 60–word paragraphs are okay. Readers are likely to skim or skip long paragraphs. It’s been said that your paragraph should contain—
1 main thought, expressed in
2 to 3 short sentences, taking up no more than
4 to 5 lines on the page.

Sentence Length
Keep your average sentence length to 14 words so readers can understand them.

Article Lead
The lead in an article should be short, no more than 25 words.

Keep your words short, too. Try to use only 2–3 syllable words. For example, try “use” instead of “utilize.”

Reading Speed
People read at 200 words per minute, so if they only have two minutes to read your information, you should only write 400 words.

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