Welcome! I am a communications professional who is good at helping people and businesses tell their stories. I have had amazing opportunities throughout the years to develop communications, management, and leadership skills in a variety of industries. I am passionate about helping others develop smart, effective ways to promote their products and services and tell their stories.


Marketing | Communication Expertise

I have experience leading and managing diverse people and projects in a variety of fields. I am able to develop the overall strategy for a product or service, and I have the writing, design, and production expertise to implement it. The information in Marketing | Communication will give you more details.


Design Portfolio

Working with various state-of-the art software programs, I am able to package the information I write in a concise, understandable, and visually pleasing manner. I have designed brochures, newsletter, fliers, forms, and training manuals, some of which are displayed in my Design Portfolio.


Writing Portfolio

Well-written, well-designed materials can increase your business and contribute to your bottom line. In my Writing Portfolio you’ll find the complete text of articles, letters, news releases, and other copy written for various clients.



The best recommendations for a person’s work come from previous employers and clients. Read what others have to say about my work in Testimonials.


Clients and Experience

I have collaborated with many small businesses, corporations, trade associations, public relations firms, and Members of Congress to improve their communication and generate increased interest in their products and services. Here’s a list of Clients and Experience.


Communications Tips

Read these Communication Tips to find out how to write a successful brochure, what you should know when talking with the news media, the steps involved in designing and producing a newsletter, and what needs to be addressed when producing a publication.


Shannon YogaFitness | Nutrition Expertise

If you would like to learn more about my fitness professional qualifications and background, please read Fitness | Nutrition.


Weight Loss Principles

As a fitness professional, one of the most common questions I get asked is what to do to lose weight. Find the answer here at Weight Loss Principles.


Weight Training Principles

With all of the information out there on weight training, I find that people tend to forget the basics. My Weight Training Principles guide will teach you what you need to know to hit the weights, and if you’ve been at it awhile, it will give you a back-to-basics refresher.


Free Weight Training Chart

Please click here for a free Weight Training Chart.



If you would like to see a traditional resume, please click here.